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Neil Schneider


I started using Xenix 3.2f on an Altos 286 machine in 1988. I "discovered" Linux about 1995 and joined KPLUG shortly after. I became president of KPLUG about two years later, when we were meeting the Computer Parts Plus. I've been very active in the group, since the beginning, participating in Installfests and doing presentations on various topics. I've written some documentation, including some for opensource projects like !ISPMan and mailadmin I also do Linux firewalls, and have a special interest in Linux security issues. As a result I've create a web page about "Securing Your New Linux Server" Feedback is welcome.

I'll do my best, to answer questions about e-mail, firewalls, and securing linux.


I do Computer Consulting, mostly Linux, some network design and as little Windows as I can. I own my own company Pacific Rim Computer Products My resume is on-line. One of my specialties is "blackbox" mail servers, using


I've been happily married, since October 1978, to Debbie. I have a step-daughter and three grandchildren.

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Here are the SDCS SIG Guidlines


          Version: 3.12
 GCS d s: a++ C+++ UL+++$ P+ L+++ E-- W+++
     N+ w-- o K- O M- V-- PS++ PE- Y+
   PGP+ t+ 5+ X+ R* tv+ b++ DI++ D---
        G e h--- r+++ z+++

  ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  Beginning Linux
An on-line book and guide to help Linux Beginners understand the workings of a Linux System.
  Linux Authentication Systems
An exploration of various Linux authentication systems and associated files. covered topics include: PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules; LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol; SASL - Simple Authentication and Security Layer; Kerberos - A Network Authentication Protocol; NIS NIS+ Network Information Service; SSH - Secure Shell; Heimdal - A Free implimentation of Kerberos
SDCS Documents

Copies of various San Diego Computer Society documents in various different formats. You can read them on-line in html format, or download the text of pdf version to your local machine and read off-line. The HTML versions have indexes and are multi-page documents, while the PDF and text versions are a single large file.

HTML version of current Bylaws

PDF version of SDCS Bylawas

Plain text version of SDCS Bylaws

HTML version of current SIG Guidelines

PDF version of current SIG Guidelines

Plain text version of SIG Guidelines

I hope you find this useful.

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