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Wiki Test

by John H. Robinson, IV last modified 2005-06-10 15:17

This is a test of plone's wiki, I hope.

If everything works well, you will be able to edit this.

So far, I am less-than-impressed with plone. Then again. I am hard-core old school. You edit files with vi, then you upload with ftp. Voila! This CMS new-fangled stuff is for people that don't know how to use a computer.

Vatch das blinkenlites.

Plone is not the end all and be all of CMS. Allowing anonymous ftp uploads is fraut with problems. Plain text passwords in-the-clear, protocol that doesn't pass through firewalls easily. Then again, you would be happy if you couldn't bitch.

Posted by John H. Robinson, IV at 2005-04-26 11:23
Well, we can add a comment. I don't see anything else. This is like a LiveJournal then. How useful is that?

The wikiis completely broken. I can't edit nor add a page. The old pages are in a format that the new system does not seem to understand. There is a a lot of meta-data about this stuff.

This is not giving a good impression of plone. I admit, I am predudiced against it. Something has to be very remarkable to get over my predjudices. I will admit to them, though.

See, I know there is a better way. That way is edit with vi, and upload via ftp :)
Actually, ssh(scp) nowadays. Or just ssh in, and vi the live page. We never make mistakes, right?
If you do, you roll back. That is what cvs/rcs/svn/darcs is for.


Posted by John H. Robinson, IV at 2005-04-26 11:26

It *required* a subject? WTF is that! There is no subject. I don't need a subject! But NO... Plone wants one. Not even LJ requires a subject.

I got around it by entering a single space. Effectively, there is no subject, but it is there.

Oh, and the reply-to, it does not add a Re: with the previous subject.

So underimpressed.

PS: It deleted the subject, and is demanding a new one. So I am going to use Re: with no whitespace. That should bake its noodle. And the default list of subjects? Plain silly.

Even more underimpressed.

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