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Welcome to KPLUG

The Kernel-Panic Linux Users' Group

Hi! Welcome to KPLUG, the San Diego Kernel Panic Linux Users' Group. Interested in what we're up to? We'd be happy to have you!

Check the calendar on the right for upcoming events. You're always welcome to one of our meetings.

Mission Statement

Kernel-Panic Linux User Group (KPLUG) is the oldest and largest Linux User Group in San Diego. KPLUG is a special interest group of the San Diego Computer Society. KPLUG is dedicated to promoting Linux and advocating for its use to both software professionals and computer hobbyists.

KPLUG advocates the use of Linux and software that runs on Linux where it is the best, most stable, and most reliable solution. KPLUG is dedicated to providing Linux education.


Membership in KPLUG is $6 per year and helps support the club's activities. You get six free raffle tickets for the regular monthly raffle when you join up. More information on membership is here.

KPLUG Meetings

KPLUG has two recurring meetings every month: the General Meeting and the Installfest. See below for general information on these events, and click here to see upcoming events.

Mailing Lists

KPLUG maintains several mailing lists of varying topics, from absolute I'm-new-to-Linux to hardcore programming topics.

If you're looking to subscribe to our mailing lists, you can visit the web interface found here.

You are welcome to ask for help on the mailing list. Please read this first.


Not necessarily for the faint of heart, but you can catch a number of KPLUGgers and Honorary KPLUGgers on IRC. Fire up your favorite IRC client and point it to and channel #kernel-panic. Conversation tends to run all over the planet, but we do try to help out as best we can.

General Meeting

The General meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month. Join our meetup group for notifications and other info such as meeting location.

Date: Second Thursday of every month
Place: See Event Calendar for this month's meeting place
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Learn more .....

Don't forget about the Monthly General Meeting Raffle!

You may also wish to visit our Meeting Program Ideas wiki page. Suggestions are very welcome!

If you click on the date of the meeting on the events calendar to the right, you can view the event and get more details.

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